IQAC Initiatives


  • Organization of  National Seminar

Organized National Seminar on 15th and 16th February 2019 entitled 
“Significance of Core Values and Benchmarking In Assessment and Accreditation of NAAC”  


  • Organization of Webinars

1) National Webinar on NAAC Assessment in Post Corona Period held on 19 June 2020
2) National Webinar on Socio-Economic and Ecological Impact of Corona Crisis held on 15 may 2020      


  • Organization of Special Lecture

1) Special Lecture and College Youth Open Debate was organized on the topic Citizenship Amendment Act 2020 in the month of Jane and Feb.2020 
2) A Special Lecture of  Dr. Vishnu Patil on “NAAC Revised Process of A & A” in the month of Feb.2018 


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