The following facilities are provided for differently able (Divyang) Students in College

  1. There are totally more than 48 Divyang Students in the College.
  2. The College has commenced Divyang Vidyarthi Mitra Scheme to help Divyang Students.
  3. Divyang Vidyarthi Mitra helps Divyang Students to come and go from classrooms in the College.
  4. The College has availed the facility of Wheel-chair for Divyang Students. 
  5. The problems of Divyang Students are solved through the discussion between the Helpers of the Handicapped institution, Uchgaon and the College.
  6. The Students, Teachers and non-teaching staff always help the Divyang students to reach them to their respective classes.
  7. The Helpers of the Handicapped has facilitated a separate bus to transport the Student from the College.
  8. All necessary things for Divyang students are made available by the college in the college.
  9. The College has provided the ramp facility to Divyang Students.
  10. The College has provided separate, barrier free toilets for the Divyang Students.
  11. There is the facility of common room for Divyang Students.
  12. There is the Library facility made available to Divyang Students.
  13. The college guides to Divyang Students to fill up various scholarship forms.
  14. There is the special seating arrangement at the ground floor to write answerer sheets in the university examination and the college arranges writers in the examinations to needy students.
  15. There are separate well-equipped rooms for Divyang Girl Students in the Women’s Hostel of the College.
  16. The various cultural programmes  are arranged by Divyang Students in college.



The Movable ramp facility provided by the college to Divyang Students. ‘Poetry Recitation’ Program organized by the College for Divyang Students



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